Blue Flower


There are so many different colors and types of roses in the market today. Have you ever wondered what the different colors of roses mean or what they signify?


It is obvious that there are general meanings associated with each color of roses but just like art, one thing may have different meanings to different people. Different colors more often than not have different meanings in different settings and different cultures. For instance, the color white has been associated with hope and pureness in most cultures and by most individuals or even religions but for the Chinese, white is a rose color for mourning in funerals.


You should figure out yourself and your personality before even trying to decipher what rose colors mean to you. From what background or ethnicity do you come from? What are the cultures of your people? I am going to use myself as an example in order to make my point easily understandable and clear to everyone.


The red rose in many traditions and cultures is a show of love and if I were to receive it from my partner, I would be very happy and reminded that I am greatly loved and adored. However if I give it deep meaning and interpretation, If I receive a red rose from my lover, I will assume that he/she has no sense of imagination and is bleak to follow the regular customs and traditions instead of being unique.


One of the most popular color of roses in the world is the red rose. I would without assume that the giver lacks imagination and does not even care enough to go and look for a less popular color of rose to give to me. In as much as I will appreciate the gesture, I will also be left wondering. Do you place huge importance on the color of roses that you either receive or give to your loved once? Rose colors can mean anything you want them to mean and more often than not reflect the personality of the giver and not the receiver.


The black rose is another good example.


Most people do not believe that the black rose exists even though there has been numerous reports that have proven its existence. This simple fact makes the black rose very sought after and is considered very valuable compared to the red roses.


However, a lot of individuals assume that a black rose signifies death and is common in burials. This belief originated and has been made popular by Hollywood. A black rose always means so much more than that. It is one of the most precious flowers in the world due to its rare nature and unseen beauty.